CPCI will handle all recoveries on a contingent basis with
NO COST to you.

We don't get paid unless we recover from your carrier. Most expenses associated with your claims are recovered from the proceeds paid by the carrier, not from you.




Claims Recovery Program
We offer an excellent program for a claims recovery management action plan for your company. We help assure that your claims against carriers are documented properly with excellent follow to ensure that your company gets the recovery it deserves for shipments lost, damaged or delayed in transit.

CPCI will handle All Cargo Claims for All Modes of Transportation
We handle rail, ocean, air and trucking. Subrogation claims are our specialty.

CPCI Can Audit Your Claims Department
We can give you an analysis on your claims department and set up policy and procedure to ensure your claims are being processed in an effective and timely manner. We also can provide written manuals for your claims office.

CPCI Offers Statistical Reports
CPCI will keep you informed on the status of your cargo claims. We provide reports which will give you an analysis on the carriers that are responsible for your loss and damage along with monthly statistical reports of the money CPCI has collected for you.

Expert Testimony
CPCI offers expert testimony for cargo related claim matters.


CPCI Provides Training for Your Personnel.
We will work with your staff regarding the process for claim recoveries and the proper procedures that should be implemented by your staff, so they learn to identify a claim for a successful recovery against the responsible party.


Contract Negotiations
Let CPCI negotiate for you. We know how to get you the best rates for moving your cargo whether it be for domestic or international transportation.


United States Customs Programs
We can also help you through the C-TPAT program and address your security concerns so your company can be certified with the United States Customs program. We offer services to include a C-TPAT supply chain security manual. We also provide other Customs related services.

Call Today and Let CPCI Recover Your Losses
Contact: Johanne M. Dictor • Email: cpcintl@sonic.net
Phone: 510-633-9953

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